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What People are saying about Herman's unusual Life

"You have truly been through a hellish challenge physically and emotionally, and yet your metaphysical psyche has not only survived but found natural healing and a true sense of purpose beyond self. You are able to entertain the challenging information on this site and in our film and respond with positive, solution oriented insights. After your "Whereas" list you come to this...

"Therefore, humanity has no choice but to deal with the epidemic of Human Collapse Diseases/Disorders, and optimum health requires continuous avoidance and elimination of toxic substances as much as possible.

"I don't know what blessings were instilled in you but I do know your story and how you share it is a blessing to us and to all who encounter you. Thanks!"
~ Foster Gamble, Co-founder of

"Your Baby Boy Resurrected" poem really touched me.... I feel I have so much to learn from you.
~Terry B.

"About a years ago you told me what to do and I did.  I lost all of my fat and feel really, really good again. Thank you so much." (Hugs)
~ Someone with gluten-sensitivity, NV

"Allow me to shake your hand. I followed your advice... lost about twenty pounds and feel much better. I told my wife what.... to do and buy."
~ Store employee, NV

"... few writers write with such feelings .... very intelligent .... you look so young (at 79 years old).... It's a humdinger.... This book is dear to me.... You are an amazing man .... a powerful testimony .... I thought that I had a bad life, but I guess I didn't .... I had to roll around laughing .... a real page turner .... refreshing honesty .... has an amazing lack of bitterness .... It's a miracle he didn't kill himself, or anyone else .... almost every page has examples of the unusual sense of humor about his family's hardships .... has suffered as much as anyone in the country, in the world ....Wow! .... has the patience of Job .... when is your next book coming out? .... an unusual man .... should be in all schools .... should be a teacher .... You are a gift ... why is he still alive? .... why is he still sane? ....  I thought I had a bad life ... Herman has the gift of discernment .... Would make a great movie .... you are a modern day Job.... fascinating to read .... full of humour and full of sadness, sometimes both at the same time .... is prophetic .... I really enjoyed this book .... very good book .... a profound thinker .... You are awesome! .... If I didn't know the author, I would never have believed this .... curl up with this good book and tissue paper .... has a great sense of humor .... nobody could make up a story like this .... will you write my biography?.... You have been so good to me .... admire Mr. Neuman's courage for writing this book .... I read a bit of your book again. Holy Shit .... I salute you, Herman. .... Mom, you got to read this book! .... We would like you to speak here again .... you have been an inspiration for me .... I've read it twice .... has a spirit like Viktor Frankl"
~ Feedback from all walks of life

"Your Hell-Raised Child: Self-Liberated poem is thought-provoking and hauntingly beautiful."
~ Anonymous post

Fascinating new literary genre. "Heroes from the Attic creates a new genre--a melding of autobiography with historical analysis with ironic satire. Personal recollections of growing up in World War II Germany and post-World War II America are told, not from the usual viewpoint of self-absorbed narcissism, but rather from a balanced perspective which relishes the hilarity of the inevitable ironies of life. The reader is left exhilarated and freed from the constraints of suffering life's blows--everything which could go wrong for the main hero, Ami, has gone awry, but the human spirit not only triumphs in adversity but also enjoys the ironic comedy. This book is a must-read."
~ Ein Kunde on

"I am still alive only because you visited me in the hospital."
~ Vernon M., Idaho

"Sometimes, when I read some pages in your book, Bastards... (first ed.) I have tears in my eyes. Could this all be true? It was."
~ Barbara, Germany

"I just want to keep holding you like a baby."
~ Carol, Texas

"What would Americans do if they went through what you have suffered?"
~ A reader, Idaho (Keeps Heroes from the Attic on her coffee table for reference)

"Mr. Neuman, you changed my thinking where juvenile offenders are concerned. Every day now, I reflect either consciously or subconsciously that my clients chose to commit their crimes and often blame their circumstances for their crimes, rather than their own free will. When I find myself making excuses for them, I now remind myself that there are many of us, who, despite our dismal childhoods, chose NOT to engage in criminal activity.
D. Folkertson, Juvenile probation officer

"Vern & I have read your book and as great admirers & your close friends, we are moved and in awe . . . we remain stunned by your 'ever improving' good health and your extremely positive attitude throughout your journey. You are a superb and wonderful teacher, mentor, patient listener and so so much more . . .
"We appreciate your dedication and always look forward to hearing from you . . ."
Judy Weaver,

"I am half ways trough your book and really, really enjoy it and I like your writing style... I like to read at bedtime and keep looking at the clock, knowing that I should go to sleep. But I cannot put your book down."
Jolene T., Idaho

"Hi Herman, Just beginning to read your story. I am in awe of your courage, resilience, and triumph over great adversity. You are truly an inspiration. Will you be my friend?."
Marian, Canada

"Hi Herman: You have an amazing story."
Mark Thornton

"This man is amazing! Bring him back again."
A very sick hospital patient

"You have a captivating story. Sharing many common experiences (but in different country with you. I have found that the most value comes from finding our identities outside being a victim or survivor and appreciating all experiences."
Val B., Washington

"We've kept your memoir by our bedside."
B. Lowell, Arizona

It is rare along the meandering path of life to encounter a person who lives up to the title of "hero". I recently met one of these rare souls in my Toastmasters group and have begun to get to know him. His wisdom and compassion from an incredibly traumatic history, beginning in Nazi Germany, make him a truly remarkable individual whom I feel honored to call my friend. He is a published author, inspirational speaker, and world traveler. Herman has written his life story, "Heroes from the Attic: A Gripping True Story of Triumph." I highly recommend giving his site a will be humbled and awed.

"Written with a double-edge razor, no less. Good speech. "
Cynthia Borris

"You have a gift. - You are a gift."
Coordinator of a spiritual care team

"Dear Herman, ... I finished your incredible book... I find it miraculous that you have risen above all of the evil of others that tried and tried again to bring you down... I want to send you something as a token of my appreciation for sharing the story of your struggle and success... thanks for shedding light on this for me to help jump-start a new perspective to tackle my life. Thanks again for sharing your story."
Norie, Japan

"... the author offered a public service for the coming bad times ... "
M. Curtis

"...this place just lights up whenever you walk in here."
Mental health worker

"...The memoir is gripping, ...a most memorable story."
Writer's Digest Life Story Contest judge

" and adore and respect you beyond words... I hope to meet you some day soon. ...Love your spirit my brother.
D. Tolman

"... I really enjoyed his testimonial. Loved his matter of fact-ness and his great wit with what he had to endure."
K. Perry

"... This book will put this town on the map."
R. Scruggs

"This is an excellent book!"
J. Swayze, The Times-News reporter

"Your speech was extremely well received."
A Friends of the Library Director's Response to Speech

"...I just finished reading your fascinating book. WOW! What a is a miracle you are still here and sane. God certainly had plans for you... You have an exceptional command of the English language and its idioms... I was horrified at the treatment you received from your parents and your American family.... Hoping this finds you well and full of the optimism you showed in writing your courageous book..."
S. Reitsma

"...You are amazing proof that God is who He says He is: gracious, loving, merciful, kind, patient, wise, and powerful. What you told us at the Agape luncheon is encouraging and gives hope that God can take the worst of circumstances and bring good out of it to bless His people...We love your smile!..."
Agape Director's Response to Speech

"...I look forward to meeting you some day. I am enjoying your book and I have told my teacher all about it."
W. Dimmitt

"...The human potential seems to be infinite!"
Dr. M. Brockman

"AAA... ... HHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "I finished your book yesterday, and my first comment is:  (Blood curdling scream) and after I put Irish curses on your family, I told my husband and my mom to hurry and read it immediately so we could discuss it, to hook up to a catheter and food I.V. or something so they could read until completely finished...

"You are so humorous!

"While reading it, so many hurricanes of thoughts passed through my mind,... and I had to keep frantically reminding myself that the little boy, Ami, is OK, with twinkling eyes, charming, delightful, humorous, married, and went to a University, and is not in an asylum someplace...

"Your many, many, talents and gifts, and spiritual gifts astound me, including your insightful automatic ability to have maybe been walking around in somewhat of an "objective state," instead of a reactive one... you seemed to have "watched" the abuse, (yes, I realize you were in shock, too) and did not "react" with anger and resentment and then boil with it forever, to become what you hate, and repeat the cycle which so many of us do... (since the dawn of time in generations springing from the unloved woman, Eve/your mom/used for sex/, and Adam...

"Before reading the ending (of your book), I predicted your parents would live a long life, as usually, if people have a conscience, this will cause conflict and they will die early, unless they become "enlightened". Your relatives did not have conflict, and therefore became disconnected with conscience-(God?) Interesting. It's amazing how the world is full of MANY disconnected people, who were once small innocent babies with insight, and the evil do-er/parents took it from them (because Siggi, I think is right - it's easy to pick on the innocent, the weak "sheeple"). And the victim may become either what they hated, or, like the Stockholm Syndrome, the victim may appease the abuser–maybe mama will love me now? ...hopefully, see the world as it is, and not get eternally resentful, and become enlightened. It seems you somehow have dropped your ego and resentment which is far from astounding. There are no words. Where does conscience come from? Must be the conduit to God...

"You are a good, clever writer, and I sniff, sniff, dry, dry, tissue, tissue, "enjoyed" cough, cough, sniff, your work very much, hic, hic, snort, snort, and I think Michael Savage,  or Sean Hannity... would plug your book on the radio, and you need to be a guest on their show. They do when it is something of this magnitude..."
K. Peterson

"...I have started reading your book. I have really enjoyed it and have a hard time putting it down. You are truly an inspiration."
T. Dimmitt

"Not really knowing any of the students, we went to hear the commencement speaker, Herman Neuman, author of the book, "Heroes from the Attic," who is a special friend and fellow Toastmaster. His speech was gripping and inspiring."
Response to Neuman's High School Commencement Speech

" are a miracle to me have my greatest respect ...will you please speak here again? are so blunt ...are you going to write any more books?... I am going to read your book two or three more times."
Response to Herman's address to The Valley House Homeless Shelter residents

"I don't know how you were able to take it."
A psychologist

"Reading this book is an experience."
L. Patterson

"God was certainly watching over you
God Bless
Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen

"Herman has a keen sense of humor in spite of an ugly and life-threatening childhood."
B. Dodge, AG Weekly Columnist

"...Lastly Herman, I like how you gave living in America some respect. In our society today, it's almost cliché to disrespect the freedoms and opportunities the United States of America have been able to provide. You give America its due thanks to your book!"
E., Bremerton, Washington

"...I was sorry to reach the end... thought-provoking and interesting... made me think... Keep writing. We're fans!"
C. Mason, Idaho

"...the humor detracted from the seriousness of the novel (and there was too much of it)."
SalDragski, Texas
(Author's Note: Thank you for this compliment. Where would I be if I didn't have a sense of humor? My memoir reads like a bizarre novel, but it is my true unembellished life story.)

    "...has all the ingredients of a page turner: starvation, extreme poverty, dysfunctional parents, complete lack of creature comforts, enslavement, grave illnesses. It’s hard to believe this is a contemporary memoir, that people have had to live that way. It’s harder to believe Neuman has lived to tell this story, and has risen above all these hardships and even remained sane. But very intelligent, determined, entrepreneurial and adventurous, the author and his brother have both succeeded in leading fully successful lives, devoid of bitterness. 'Heroes' and 'Triumph' indeed!"
    "The memoir is gripping, ...The title and subtitle are very appropriate, telling us what to expect...A most memorable story."
Writer's Digest Contest judge comments

"...I'm amazed he's still alive after all he's been through."
U. Webber, Idaho

"...was mightily impressed with your writing style, plus what you have managed to accomplished, and your bright outlook, considering the painful challenges your life brought you. Remarkable."
J. Jones, Arizona

"...I'm buying your book for my baby, for the time he will be able to read it."
Book signing visitor

    "Heroes inspire and help us reach inside for uncommon strength to overcome obstacles in our lives. Herman and his brother Siggi will touch your heart in unimaginable ways and give you a renewed belief in the power of human fortitude in Herman's new book..."
    "... In spite of life's cruel blows, the brothers did overcome their hardships,... Herman and his wife have traveled around the world and some of their travels are included in this autobiography."
    "... Herman writes with an offbeat sense of humor and a touch of irony that will at times make you laugh and at times make you cry, but Heroes from the Attic is a journey of both heartache and triumph that you won't soon forget."
Debby Schoeningh, The Record-Courier, Oregon

"... You described everything with great clarity, and I admire your honesty and openness... a very good "psychogram."... You and your brother are truly heroes from the attic..."
R. Jannsen, Retired teacher

"Many Hugs to you too from all my family and there are 38 of us in just this house. Hope you're ready for hugs hugs hugs!!OOOOOOOOOOOXXOOOOXOXOXOXOXO a few kisses too. : )
This is tragic that some as yourself had to live in these horrific conditions and the thing that is the best part is that you DID survive and know the Unconditional Love of God and the Peace of Jesus. I'm very Glad that They were there by your side so I could tell you all this and you'd get umptene million hugs from our home to yours. XOXOXOXOXOXOOOOOOOOOOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOOOOOOXOXOXOXOXOXO
Merriest of Christmas' and the most Blessed of years to follow.
God Bless you and keep you in His Care.
Tracey L. O' Very

"You are living proof of the saying, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. But not everyone could have stood up to this kind of parental abuse. You did - and give yourself credit for all the God that you carry inside you won out over all.
Monette Bebow-Reinhard

"Thank you for posting your story. It is very inspiring indeed and a very valuable faith builder. God was with you all the time. Like Joseph, God was with him all the time and it was for a purpose. Your purpose I believe is the give your testimony to the world. God Bless you and your family and your business."
Manny Bermas

"... Both books are additional testament to human endurance. Both are eminently readable -pleasurable, in fact- ... But despite the hardships, the mood of Heroes is light. Our "heroic" brothers face down their misery with humor and a wonderful sense of irony."
    "... both authors are provocative and entertaining storytellers, and I recommend them."
Yearbook of German-American Studies, Vol. 37, University of Kansas

"I've never seen the kids concentrate so hard on one task..." (listening to Herman's address under shady trees in desert)
SUWS youth counselor

"...I got so mad when you didn't push your uncle's face into that pile of maggots."
A reader during a chance encounter with author

" his memoir can be summarized. It can be stated with only one word. Love."
A Pastor

"... my whole family read it..."
Barnes & Noble bookstore employee

"... people sure are enjoying your book a lot... Two girls keep coming in to read it."
Restaurant gift shop employee

"You are true survivors your little brother and you! Words can hardly convey the multitudes of emotions I felt as I was reading this memoir! The power of your mind is tremendous to have overcome all those years of emotional and physical hardship. I salute you dear HERO and I thank you..."
A. Dionne, Canada

"We commend you for the way you have endured everything & came through without bitterness."
L. Peach, New Zealand

"... Their courage, and all-out drive to put themselves through college, earn their freedom, and establish a decent living characterizes this powerfully written and uniquely recommended memoir."
Midwest Book Review

"I totally agree with you here. THese kids now adays seem to know nothing except how to do ever6ything there is to do on a computer. They don't even have to add if we were caught with a calculator we were suspended now it's part of the school supplies needed. We truly do need to get back to Teaching! Definitely! The teachers/schools seem to dream up homework and assignments t me now.
They don't do anything like I did. I truly hope something is done. Another thing everytime teachers are mentioned I think about the Bill Cosby show he did were the teachers got the pay like the movie stars and pro players which it should be really in all reality. Schools do waste alot of money and it is keeping children occupied due to the ever growing population in classrooms and decrease in population of teachers. They though with this world have to be so careful in teaching they cant read the Declaration & can't do alot of things, how can they teach too many politics and crap going on interfering too? I totally agree we need to get back to basics!!
Great article. Sorry for ramblin'.
Tracey L. O' Very

"... you are awesome... I'm glad you spoke here... my problems don't seem so big anymore..."
Idaho Youth Ranch audience (listening to Herman's address)

"... I'm reading it for the third time..."
Retired teacher

" You are one blessed person, indeed. Not to mention humorous."
M. B.

"your bio is fascinating- amazing pieces of your story here- the article important- i will be reading more"
Karen Vanderlaan

"This is an outstanding article and so so true. I hope your words are heard in the capitals and all throughout the world. This is excellent! Superb!
Tracey L. O' Very

"Here! Here! for the Earth and the Creator who made it perfect. (Before mankind got so darn greedy that we needed to make excuses for "side effects. Good article, blessin's Bro Herman"
Cynth'ya Reed

"... one of the best memoirs ever written... triumph over unspeakable hardships. This is about heroes."
Carol Kluz, Author of fantasy and mystery novels.

"... One of the best written memoirs I have ever had the privilege of reading... It is almost unbelievable that you were able to weave your subtle humor into a description of the manner in which you were treated..."
Idaho State Senator & former Deputy Attorney General

"...I got so mad at your dad. He was a real bastard!"
Chance encounter with a reader

"Call me. We have to talk, brother."
Dennis, Nevada

"... touched me on so many profound levels that I am in the process of sending copies to friends. It is not a wallow for sympathy but rather, a bemused sardonic narration of survival... of great courage, creating Heroes where none wanted to exist. ... This book belongs in every school and in every home..."
M. E. Hemming, Hawaii

"He must have had years of counseling. I want to talk with him."
A pastor's wife

"powerful read"
m j hollingshead

"Yes it is heartbreaking to think that there are more children like this that are hungry."
Judy Lloyd

"heartwrenching write, herman; thanks for sharing!

(((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in tx., karen lynn. :(
Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado

"... keeps the reader on edge as to 'what will happen next'..."
Posting on

"I was fascinated by this memoir and could not put it down until I finished it. My emotions turned to awesome admiration for the boys.... Such mental strength is hard to imagine. The offbeat humor is a saver for me, as it would be quite hard to swallow all this pain otherwise."
C. Sullivan, Pennsylvania

"This book is definitely interesting and since it deals with Nazi Germany so personally, I think it will be quite marketable due to its appeal in engaging others who would never be able to visualize such a situation otherwise."
E. vonRentzell, editor for iUniverse

"... writing style is very unique... an odd combination of shocking forthrightness, ironic humor, and bizarre but totally appropriate descriptive terms."
T. Nemec, Iowa

"... funny, earthy and so human... This book should be in all schools."
J. Lawrason, Idaho

"i must say, i am so glad you found the courage (perhaps reluctantly/accidentally?) to write your story. well, i've made it to the escape with much relief! and the pictures are great, i think i spent more time looking through them than reading last night! marcia, again, thank you for sending me this book"
Wolf, An Internet book conference.

"This is one of the most interesting books that I have ever read. I couldn't put it down and..."
D. Jacobsen, Idaho

"I just wanted to travel to the places you described..."
R. Shokal, Idaho

"Hello Herman, ...I want to join in with the person who said "I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry." Your book has deeply touched me... Despite all the hardship you went through, I was amazed how much humor there is in you. ...Your book was written in a style that really captivated me....but the most I liked was how you really dealt with your life and succeeded."
Johanna, Germany